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Fethiye district of Muğla is home to one of the rare regions where blue and green are intertwined. The population of this rare district, which has a population of approximately 170 thousand, is increasing exponentially during the holiday seasons. There are valid reasons for this! Fethiye; It contains the sea, forest, history and different cultures intertwined. It is possible to see every shade of blue in the sea and green in the forest. The region, which hosts many civilizations, is also a center of attraction with its historical places… The district, which is a city of Lycia known as the “land of light” in history; It welcomes the places that everyone should see with its sea, sand, bays, sun and forests.


Ölüdeniz Nature Park is also known as “Kıdrak Nature Park”. It has an area of about a thousand hectares. The park, which has a daily capacity of 5 thousand visitors, is among the places to visit in Fethiye with its flora richness. Ölüdeniz Nature Park, which is a natural protected area, has forests and sea, as well as beaches, cliffs and archaeological remains. The sea, which has a coast to the park area, offers a favorable environment especially for water sports. This park, which has unique features with its view, virgin flora and fauna, is one of the attractions that those who come to Fethiye do not enter without seeing it. The park is 16 kilometers away from Fethiye center. Ölüdeniz beach, one of the most famous beaches in the world, is also located within the boundaries of the park. Belcekiz Beach in the region is also one of the places where local and foreign tourists do not pass without stopping by.


Calis Beach, which is among the most popular beaches in Turkey, is one of the spawning areas of caretta caretta turtles. The beach, which is about 4 kilometers long, has views of Knight Island and Red Crescent. The popularity of the beach has also led to an increase in workplaces. Today, there are dozens of restaurants and accommodation facilities around the beach. Çalış Beach, which is definitely visited by those who want to enjoy the sea, sand and sun in Fethiye, has become a center of attraction with its light breeze in the summer months. One of the best places to watch the sunset in the district is this beach. The beach can be reached in 5-10 minutes on foot from the district center. Due to its convenient structure, many water sports activities are carried out in the sea that dominates the beach.


Gocek is about 30 kilometers away from Fethiye. Göcek, which hosts world-famous beaches and unique bays, is also one of the centers of yacht tourism. The region, which has become frequented by local and foreign luxury yachts, is one of the must-see places with its fish restaurants, unique view and bays where green meets blue. The region, known as the gateway of the Aegean to the Mediterranean, is also frequented by blue tours. There are six international marinas in the town. With its islands and bays located in a sheltered bay, Göcek makes an important contribution to the development of yacht tourism.


Butterfly Valley, one of the paradise corners of Fethiye with its unique flora, fauna and natural texture, is a narrow and long valley. There are 350-meter elevations in the valley, which is a bay at the foot of Babadağ, which is declared as one of the 100 mountains that should be protected by the World Heritage Preservation Foundation. There is also a camping area in the valley, which can be reached by boats from Ölüdeniz. The Butterfly Valley, which contains every shade of green and blue, is home to about 80 different butterfly species. It takes its name from these butterflies. The most famous guest of the valley on the outskirts of Babadağ is the Tiger Butterfly. The valley, which contains different living and plant species, is also referred to as the ‘hidden paradise’. With its fifty-meter waterfall, accommodation, food and beverage places, nature activities and sea, those who come to Butterfly Valley, Fethiye are definitely one of the places they visit.

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