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Our yoga platform, surrounded by trees and offering a magnificent view, will make you want to spend hours here! Whether you’re doing exercises or practicing meditation, our yoga platform will enchant you.


As the sun sets, La Boheme Kabak becomes even more enchanting. Our Full Moon Parties await you to embrace this beauty on nights when the moon is unbelievably stunning and the stars are more prominent than you’ve ever seen before.


When it comes to places to visit in Fethiye, a 12 Islands boat tour is a must! One of the most beautiful and logical activities to experience the unique sea views of Fethiye is the 12 Islands boat tour. This island tour starts from Fethiye Marina. Afterwards, the tour visits Turunç Pınarı Cove, Kuleli Cove, Tavşan Island, Kızılada, Samanlık Cove, Şövalye Island, Yassıca Islands, Göcek Island, Tersane Island, and Bedri Rahmi Cove. It is possible to see the most beautiful bays and islands of Fethiye on this tour. The route of the tour can vary depending on the weather conditions. The tour lasts approximately 8 hours. During this time, you can have enjoyable and fun moments on the 12 Islands boat tour.


With its breathtaking panoramic views and stable weather conditions at an altitude of 6500 ft (1960m), the launch site for paragliding from Babadağ Mountain in Ölüdeniz, Turkey, is considered one of the best in Turkey and Europe. During the Babadağ paragliding experience in Ölüdeniz, you will encounter thrilling 360-degree turns, wing transitions, and even thermal updrafts that can prolong your flight. Contrary to popular belief, paragliding in Ölüdeniz, Fethiye is not just about jumping from a 2-kilometer height; it involves taking a few steps to ascend into the sky. Descending to Ölüdeniz Beach is as easy as taking off from Babadağ – it’s not a fast descent, but rather a gentle landing.


The Ancient Lycian Way extends from Fethiye to Muğla. It is possible to see some of Turkey’s most beautiful landscapes along the 535-kilometer-long trail. The popular hiking route, Lycian Way, is listed among the “Top 10 Long-Distance Hiking Trails in the World.”

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